What is killing my dogwood tree?

Hello Pioneer Valley, this week’s discussion will revolve around our native dogwood trees and how we can protect and preserve those lovely blossoms we see and cherish every spring. They are a very delicate species of tree that are susceptible to a very aggressive pest: the dreaded and feared Dogwood Twig Borer.


The dogwood twig borer attacks a few other host trees as well such as elms and viburnums and a few fruit trees like cherries and apples. This is important to keep in mind if you have these species on your property as well.


Now lets talk of how this pest damages our cherished Dogwoods. It is very similar to that of the Bronze Birch Borer, where the larvae tunnel through live wood. However, the dogwood twig borer, feeds its way through twigs and down the center of the twig. This leaves the twig to be hollow which rapidly increases rate of decay in the branch. 


There are a few treatment procedures out there to control this pest. However an extremely cost effective treatment that we can do for you is prune the deadwood and thin the sucker growth. This simple and holistic approach is effective for minor infestations only. If you have a heavy infestation, to eradicate this pest and potentially save your precious heirloom tree, we at Lyndon Tree offer a foliar applications and systemic applications to kill all twig borers located throughout the tree.


We hope that by providing these options, you have well equipped you to defend your Dogwoods so that you may enjoy the radiant blossoms, while relaxing on your porch. If you need help in pin pointing or utilizing proper pruning techniques to control this pest, we are always a phone call away to help. Thank you for taking the time to share our love for trees and to increase your understanding of pests that plague our Dogwoods.