Lyndon Tree Care on Christmas Tree Care

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Each year, roughly 25-30 million real trees are sold during the Christmas season to be placed in our homes and decorated with lights and ornaments. Taking care of a tree throughout the season is important both for its beauty and your safety. Lyndon Tree Care & Landscaping is here to give you some pointers this season that will bring our tree service expertise indoors.


Whether you cut your own tree down or buy a pre-cut tree, it’s important to cover the tree if possible with a tarp or rug. During travel the wind can further dry out the tree, leading to the loss of color and needles sooner. This is often a step that’s not taken but one that helps protect your investment.

Cutting (or re-cutting) Your Tree

If you purchase a pre-cut tree in a line of other trees, chances are high that the tree has been standing there for quite some time. As tree care experts who spend a lot of time doing tree removal and tree trimming, we can tell you that the vascular system (which draws up water through the tree trunk) will naturally clog up. A fresh 1/4” cut will remove the clogged area and open up the vascular system of the tree, allowing it to fully absorb water.

Tree Care

You might hear others saying that a particular cut at specific angles, or the addition of holes using a drill, will help with water absorption. As professional arborists, you can trust us when we say a straight cut is perfectly sufficient.

Watering Your Christmas Tree

Cutting a tree down is similar in some ways to picking a flower: you want to put it in water as soon as possible to make sure it gets what it needs in order to stay healthy for as long as possible. Most trees will be fine if you fill the stand with water within the first 24 hours, but your tree will stay fresh longer if you fill it as soon as you can.

Depending on the size of the tree and the water reservoir, you may need to check on it twice a day (morning and evening). A tree with no water will dry out quickly and lose its needles. In addition to the mess, it will become a significant fire hazard in your home.

Choose The Right Location For Your Tree

Of course there’s the ideal aesthetic location for your tree, but there are other things that we, as a tree service dedicated to tree care, would encourage you to consider. Avoid placing your tree near cold drafts, heating vents, and other sources of heat. The fluctuating temperatures, and specifically the dry air from heat sources, can speed up the drying out of a tree.

Pro Tips

Want a couple tips from the pros? Get a humidifier for the room your Christmas tree is in. It will help keep the needles fresh for longer, as well as reducing the risk of fire. Plain water is fine for trees, but try adding some Epsom Salt to provide extra nutrients for your tree.

Remember, having a Christmas tree is like a piece of your landscaping inside of your home. It requires care if you want it to last. Follow these tips and you’ll make it through the whole season with a beautiful tree.

Merry Christmas from Lyndon Tree Care & Landscaping!